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Have you ever wished you could find more books you could just pick up and give to your children to read? At Gask Castle Press our goal is to provide childrens' literature from a time when the worldview of authors was colored by a Christian mindset rather than the secular view of many of today's authors. We strive to provide inexpensive books that you can trust are safe for your children to read.

Introducing The Siege of Derry

Gask Castle Press is pleased to announce the publication of the book The Siege of Derry. As the foreword by Bill Potter states:

This historical novel tells the story of the siege of Derry and draws from it the providential events and lessons that are found among the people of the true and living God, even when times are dark and dangerous and courageous men, women, and children, are called upon to stand in the day of battle.

Don't miss this exciting and uplifting tale of the Protestant defense of the city of Derry! Click here for more information.

The Siege of Derry

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