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With Washington in the West, Henty style historical fiction

Colonial Series

By Edward Stratemeyer

Historical Fiction in the stlyle of Henty

In The Colonial Series you will follow adventure after adventure in the French and Indian War with historical precision. The first three books follow two cousins, Henry and David Morris, from the early conflicts of the war all the way to the final defeat of the French in Canada. The next three books in the series, not yet available, cover more adventures of the two, including their setting up a trading post. Be sure not to miss these wonderful books written in a style reminiscent of G. A. Henty.

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With Washington in the West

With Washington in the West tells something of Washington’s youthful experience as a surveyor and his leadership of colonial forces in the French and Indian War.

Marching on Niagara

Marching on Niagara, the second book in the Colonial Series, relates the doings of two young soldiers, Dave and Henry Morris, who join the Colonial forces in a march on Fort Niagara, during the time of the French and Indian War.

At the Fall of Montreal

In this book, the third volume in the Colonial Series, the French and Indian War is brought to a close. The scaling of the heights of Quebec and Wolfe’s spectacular victory over Quebec on the plains of Abraham are described.

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